102415 Memory Walk Drawing Revisited

With just two more days left to work with, I took a quick overview of what I did for this month.  This was the original drawing for my October 24th Memory Walks.

Memory Walks 102415

This project started out as an experiment, but as the month progressed, I started to see this as a viable extension of this project.  It may likely be the last substantial iteration of this project on eggshells.  As a result, I decided that I wanted to repeat this drawing on one eggshell.

With that decision,this drawing became available for some additional experimentation.  I wondered if I could maintain the form of the glue by peeling away the eggshells.  I broke one of the eggshells and started peeling and the adhesion between the glue and eggshell was variable so I could not peel away the eggshell without breaking the continuity of the form.  In the end, I pulled all three eggshells apart and stripped away most of the eggshells not attached to the glue and this is the result.

Memory Walks 102415 Revisited

I have to say – very intriguing with many possibilities as it steps in the direction of trying to reduce the three dimensionality of the eggshell and Memory Walks back to two dimensions.

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