Thinking about Memory

With the start of the New Year – Happy New Year’s to everyone!  I am beginning to think about my exhibition at HAGISO in May.  I am scheduled to have a meeting in a little over two weeks to discuss tentative exhibition ideas.  As I have had my hands in a variety of things, I wanted to make a more directed effort to focus on some ideas.

I spend the year end holidays going through my notebooks from the last year and pulling essential ideas into a new notebook for the upcoming year.  I was hoping to meditate upon the different versions of Memory Walks I made for October as well as think more about my commuting photgraphs, but there was not time.

I was able to make a maquette of the HAGI-ART space so I could think more three-dimensionally about the space as well as what would or would not work.  Here are a few images of the maquette that I made.





The maquette is small about 20 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm, but I like the idea of being able to stare into the space and think about what might work in the space over the next few months.

In the meantime, most of my time in the studio has been spent thinking about how memory works and how I have explored memory in my work.  I am reading sections of several books including Pieces of Light by Charles Fernyhough, Consciousness and the Brain by Stanislas Dehaene, and Forgetting by Douwe Draaisma.  I have been sketching out a few new ideas about visual metaphors for the kind of everyday memories that I am exploring.  It is all a jumbled mess at this point as I have upended previous ideas about how my work represents, or rather, does not represent memory processes.  The Memory Walk eggshell drawings are still in play, but again, I need time to sit quietly with the works and think about what I have gotten and can get from this form.

The idea of memory as a creative act in which we remember what we want to keep or cannot help to keep and create a new narrative influenced by who we are now intrigues me.  How does that become a visual metaphor is something that I have been grappling with for the last few days.

“What I Remember” as tentatively titled is a conceptual sketch project that I came up with today as a way to explore memory in the present and as memory passes into time.  I do not know how long I can keep it up as the project grows factorially with each day as you will see if you follow this blog.

Let’s see where it goes.


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