Gathering my thoughts 4.9.16

For the last three months, I have been focused on working in the studio to work out details and ideas for my upcoming solo exhibition at HAGISO in the middle of May.  There has not been much time for sharing my thoughts about the process as well as general activities related to my studio practice.

I am currently back in the United States for an early spring vacation and sitting a bit jet lagged in my hotel room in Oakland with some time to start putting some words to the ideas and activities of the last few months.  I hope this will also serve as an impetus for sharing my studio process as the opening of the exhibition approaches once I return to Tokyo.

I had contemplated doing Memory Walks drawings during this trip, but eggshells are not going to travel well through two cities as well as customs and I need a bit of distance from the work to refine and make sure that the remaining one month of studio work is productive and translates the vision and ideas I have for the exhibition.

The title of the exhibition is “Is This The Way I Went?”  After discussions about exploring a new series of works as well as the Memory Walks project, we decided best to focus just on the Memory Walks project.  The exhibition will consist of an installation consisting of six months of Memory Walks that will occupy the bulk of the 10 square meter exhibition space at HAGI-ART.  In addition, there will be three smaller series of sculptures exploring different ways of thinking about my Memory Walks.  One series involves drawing recollections of the same day of walks on the same eggshell at different time points using correction tape and gesso to form layers of drawings.  Different layers of these drawings will be revealed through sanding away the layers of correction tape and gesso to reveal a composite drawing composed of recollections on different days.  Another series involves drawing recollections of the same day of walks on the same eggshell at different times, but instead of using paint and correction tape, I will use a router to “erase” the drawings and then re-draw the walks on a different day.  The final series involves taking a week work of Memory Walks drawings (7 total) breaking them and then reassembling the pieces together into a larger composite sculpture.  Here is an image of a maquette that I made from Memory Walks in February 2015.


Over the last month or so, I worked out the production methods for all these smaller series and all the studio work for these pieces will happen when I return to Tokyo.  My focus for most of March and the beginning of April has been making Memory Walks drawings for the installation which requires 188 eggshells.  I managed to finish all the drawings from November 2015 to March 2016 (~150 total) so I only need the remaining drawings from the month of April when I return.

I will talk more about the ideas of these projects in future posts, but for now this is where I am in the studio right now.

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