Work in Progress – Artist’s Zine/Book “Dialogue #1”

As the start of the Tokyo Art Book Fair draws closer, I am juggling a handful of different deadlines in the coming weeks.  I have been throwing around an idea for the Tokyo Art Book Fair for the last month or so.  The inspiration for this idea comes from primarily two different sources.

The first is from Kim Beck’s A Field Guide To Weeds which I purchased at Printed Matter last year.  As described on her website, “This project uses the physical form of the book as a metaphor for a crack in the city sidewalk: printed in luscious five-color printing, the common dandelion, pigweed, and poison ivy—the very plants we ignore, step over, ignore, dig up, or scrupulously avoid—creep out of the gutter, up pages, and overrun the book.”  The idea of growing and enveloping as the reader turned the page intrigued me.  With those ideas, I began to think about how I could use my daily drawings as a source for my next book.

I do have germinating ideas for my Memory Walks Projects, but as I have a few upcoming exhibitions with that project, I thought the Tokyo Art Book Fair would be a good opportunity to push the daily drawings a step beyond.  Over the last year, I have explored many different drawing materials and motifs, but I seem to always come back to two main motifs – the tiny circles and the thin projecting lines.  I then began thinking about Haruki Murakami’s Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World where the story alternates worlds each chapter, but as you read through, the worlds in the alternating chapters begin to merge.  With Kim Beck and Harumi Murakami as my inspiration, I just needed to set to work.

Of course, setting to work has taken more than a few weeks.  With literally one month until the Tokyo Art Book Fair, I decided it was time to get started.  I pulled out 2 x A5 sheets of sketch paper and put them in my binder.  After today, this is what I have.

It is a good start and after finishing the last drawing, I realized the perfect title for this project.  “Dialogue #1” or “対話1”

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