Juggling Act

Over the course of this year, which is more than halfway through, I have found myself posting much less (outside of daily drawings) than in previous years.  Preparations for as well as the exhibition period for “Is This The Way I Went?” at HAGISO in the late spring were particularly busy.  I had planned to spend the ensuing month or so reflecting on the whole experience, but exhaustion along other activities both art and non-art related pushed that to the side.  I am excited to be juggling a number of different projects from now until the next April and look forward to sharing news about the different projects soon.  But, first, I need to think short term.

Here it is now in the middle of August as I sit in my studio listening to the typhoon make its way into Tokyo overnight and I thought I would at least start back in this process.  Rather than get too caught up in uploading images, I want to focus more on my thoughts and processes.

I am currently in the studio preparing work for three upcoming exhibitions/fairs.  The first exhibition/display is going to be installed this Friday night/Saturday morning at the Daikanyama branch of Tsutaya in the natural science section.  I was invited to display my Memory Walks Project in association with two talk events happening at Tsutaya that are sponsored by RIKEN Brain Science Institute leading up to the 20th anniversary of RIKEN BSI.  News of this opportunity came to me about three weeks ago.  I came up with an idea to install four “slices” of my Memory Walks utilizing the lighting rails and two rails that I would install.  Unfortunately that idea was nixed as there was concern about hanging the works from the ceiling.  With only two weeks to go, I was not sure that this would happen.

After a brainstorming session, the outreach staff at RIKEN BSI and I came up with an alternative proposal at the end of last week and submitted it for review.  I received the go ahead to proceed with the project this Monday and with that I began to pick up necessary supplies and materials for the exhibition as well as work out layout and measurements.

As it turns out, I will be “recycling” one month’s worth of Memory Walks and displaying them in a different configuration along with more text to make the work more self-evident on its own.  In addition, I will be playing with the display of my one week composite/fractured sculptures to try and convey the jumbleness of everyday memory.

Tonight, I spent an hour after work figuring out the layout for the display of one month’s worth of Memory Walk Drawings along with the optimal layout of the text portion of the installation.

The rest of the evening (five hours) was spent sorting through the 188 Memory Walk Drawings and pulling out the 31 drawings from December 2015, untangling the monofilament, cutting the monofilament to the new proper length and reattaching the S-hook to each drawing.  Happily, I can say that I finished the heavy lifting portion of preparations.

Tomorrow, I record my Japanese narration for a version of my PechaKucha presentation which will be played on a loop as part of the installation.  I also get to assist in assembling a 60 cm wide and 60 cm tall stationary “merry go round” and measuring out holes to be drilled for the installation.

I figure that is a good start as I don’t want to over do it on the first day of blogging after almost six months?  I will talk about the Tokyo Art Book Fair 2016 and “bricolage” in the coming posts which hopefully will also be this week.

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