Revisiting the Interstices Project

About two months ago, I received an e-mail from an architecture/design firm inquiring about my work.  Given the source and my past experiences of receiving inquiries about my work when in fact they were inquiring about the eco-architecture Arthur Huang, I sent a reply asking if this was again indeed the case.

As it turns out, they were interested in my work and more specifically they were interested in the Interstices Project.  The firm publishes a twice annual publication addressing different themes of public domain and it turns out the next issue is titled “Interstices”.  They would like me to put together a piece to contribute based on my Interstices Project in Japan.

The piece would not only be photographs, but would be more research-based and include an essay and drawings.  The content of the contribution is up to me, but it will need to extend beyond the photographs.  It has been a year or more since I have worked with the project, so I think this is a great opportunity to revisit the project and see if I can bring some fresh legs to the project.  I think without any structural context to the project, the Interstices Project ran its course for me.

With my initial research into the spaces between buildings in Japan, I have discovered there are ways to expand the work with this project to touch more meaningful on the other projects and my interest in the everyday.  There is a lot of reading to be done, but I have found writings about the concept of ma and the history of Japanese architecture.  These subjects are not my forte by any stretch, but I plan to do the research and see how I can utilize those writings to put together a text that will complement the photographs that I have taken so far.

I also imagine that I will have to go back out and start taking new photographs to support the ideas that I will be putting forth.

In the meantime, here are some photos from the project to refresh your memory or introduce you to the work.

The original work was to make composite photographs for a group of interstices in the same location i.e. street, city, etc.  These are a couple of the results.


r0017533For the publication, the interest is in the public domain so it less about the composite photographs and more about how these spaces function for me as well as the population at large.  With that idea, the focus is more on the individual photographs of the interstices and thinking about how they are used and what exists in those spaces.  Here are a couple singular photographs.



I sent in a preliminary outline for my piece a couple weeks ago and received some feedback.  With some reference materials, it is time to put together a more detailed outline of my ideas for the piece this weekend and send it back to them for consideration.

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