The where and what of it all. More thinking than making.

Since my last post, I have been spending most of my time in the studio thinking, planning, contemplating, and reflecting.

Early last week, I sent a further refined outline of how I would like present my Interstices project in a broader context as it relates to interstices of space and time as well as how it relates to urban landscape and flow.  There is still much work to be done on that project, but for now, I am waiting for some additional feedback as well as a timetable for the project.

I have also revisited my ideas for the Nakanojo Biennale which are due in about three weeks.  Mainly, I have been focusing on narrowing down possible sites with some thoughts veering towards what kind of work I would like to present.  I have made my final list of possible sites with most of them being in the Nakanojo area.

My choices in rough order of preference are a classroom in the former Gotanda school, the Watanuki electric store, the manju shop (both at Kamino-cho), Isemachi House, Sawatari Gallery (this one is in the Sawada area), a classroom at the isamamura (former elementary school).  These spaces really break down into two possible projects based on the configuration of the spaces.

Traditional rectangular spaces.
Former Gotanda School
Sawatari Gallery

Watanuki electric store
Manju shop
Isemachi House

With that in mind, I am starting to think about how best to use the space.  My initial desire is to fill the space as much as I can which may work for the storefront spaces.  However, with the traditional rectangular spaces, the spaces are much bigger and how to effectively fill that space beyond the sake of just filling the space presents an interesting challenge.  In both cases, the initial path I am taking towards drafting ideas is to keep the drawings to the scale I have been working on which is A5 (about 6 x 9 inches) although I may also double the scale to A4 (about 9 x 12 inches).  The presentation and thematic structure of the drawings is still to be determined.  I want to explore how I might merge the daily drawings with my Memory Walks projects into a single medium or at the very least bring them closer together.  With three weeks to go, I still have time to play with ideas and do some more reflecting.

The final aspect of planning and contemplating since the last post is for my upcoming solo exhibition at hasu no hana in Tokyo this December.  The dates for the exhibition have been decided.  The exhibition will be from December 10th through December 21st.

After a second meeting with the gallery director last night, we were able to solidify at least one half of the exhibition which will focus on my daily drawings.  The other half of the exhibition is still tentative, but the idea is to make connections to the daily (or in some cases, no so daily) drawings and my everyday life as it relates to the Memory Walks project as well as other art activities.  One way to think of it would be a peek inside my mind and how I approach my studio practice using those objects and ideas as a foundation.  I need to work through the ideas as well as the materials for this second half of the exhibition this week and pass along a tentative plan by the weekend.  I am excited about the way this exhibition has been developing and am personally interested in seeing how all these different, seemingly disparate, but likely connected aspects of my practice come together in this exhibition.  Drawings, eggshells, and ephemera.  I cannot wait to spend time in that space!

Going to head back and do some drawings before the start of the week.  Enough writing and contemplating for today.

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