The next 43 hours

In support of the J20 Art Strike, I am taking two actions.

First, I will not be posting anything on social media during the next 43 hours (when January 20th ends in Hawaii) and I will not post images of work made during the next 43 hours even after January 20th has passed.

Secondly, I am taking inspiration from the work of On Kawara and also from Yoko Ono’s Morning Peace Project.

During the next 43 hours, anyone who sends their mailing address to will receive a postcard with a handwritten note. I am leaving the contents of the note open to the moment the note is written.

It may be a Japanese or Chinese character, it may be a sentence from a book that I have read in the last 72 days, or it may be something that I have been thinking about.

I understand these are relatively small actions in the scheme of things, but I take inspiration from the words of Rebecca Solnit.

“…if your activism is already democratic, peaceful, creative, then in one small corner of the world these things have triumphed. Activism, in this model, is not only a toolbox to change things but a home in which to take up residence and live according to your beliefs, even if it’s a temporary and local place, this paradise of participating, this vale where souls get made.”

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