What I am seeing, at first glance

Given a long stretch of time to work, it is inevitable that the majority of that time is given to procrastination, sleeping, and just general laziness.  Every cycle that I go through, I get better and better at embracing this phase of the process sooner and sooner.  However, it is still disconcerting and guilt-ridden during that time.

Things finally took a turn towards the studio with my first post on here in a long while.  On Sunday night, the last night of my week off, I somehow managed the motivation to print out all my Daily Drawings from 2016 and 2017 at 25% of actual size and then made two copies of all the drawings.  The first set of drawings were put up in my studio space (i.e. wall space above my desk) as a way of immersing myself in the drawings and perhaps as that old phrase goes, absorb something by osmosis.

The other set of drawings that I printed up are going to be individually cut into circular shapes which I will bring to Nakanojo next weekend to use as a mock up of how the installation might look.  It will also give me a chance to work out the size of the individual cells and get an estimate of what I am looking at in terms of the total number of cells.

I also need to cut out 150 mm diameter circles from my stock of drawing paper which I will also bring to Nakanojo next weekend and make new drawings while I am up there.  I expect my first visit to be fairly all over the place in terms of motifs.

Speaking of motifs, I thought I would list the first impressions of what I see as commonalities as an ongoing catalog of ideas that come to mind.

About the mark making

Where the drawings are located on the page
The percentage of space the drawings take up
Repeating a single mark over and over
Thickness of lines
Use of more than one color
One object vs. many objects

About imagery and references


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