The second four, no three, day residency in Nakanojo 6.2 – 6.4

June 2nd.

The weather is almost perfect today – a breezy 25 degrees with low humidity.  I was able to ask Yasuhara-san to pick me up from the gallery at 7 pm so I can maximize my time in the space after arriving here at 1 pm.  I made two drawings on the way up here.  It is a bit of a trek at three hours each way.

The second drawing seemed to loosen up as I got closer to Nakanojo.

I am currently in the middle of picking up all the soft clay nodes that I placed on the floor during my last visit.  Right now, I am at 350 as I take a break to write this.  I am happy with all the materials that I brought with me from Tokyo this time and am optimistic about my productivity this weekend.  Back to counting.

June 3rd.

I was hoping to write last night, but I ended up falling asleep around 10 pm.  It is about noon right now and my immediate thought is to head back to Tokyo tomorrow night, largely in part to the fact that I do not seem to make any headway at night and I am not going to be able to be in the gallery on Monday anyways.

Where did I leave off yesterday?  I finished picking up all the soft clay notes and expecting something like 400 or so, I actually ended up with 550, exactly, which seems suspicious.

The rest of the afternoon was spent cropping all my Daily Drawings into 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 cm diameter circles.

As I was tracing the images out, I was thinking about the idea that the images might be too small and hard to see on the floor.  The thought definitely crossed my mind as I held the 4 cm diameter disc in my hand.

So what I did was to take a sample of drawings printed at actual size and then cropped them at the seven different diameters to see what the images do when cropped out to partial compositions.

With the cropping of the actual size drawings, you lose the sens of the original drawing’s composition.  The cropping becomes a deliberate choice.  I’m not sure having actual size details with a smaller field of view is what I want.

After those test cuts, I set about to cut out circles from the reduced sized drawing print out so the wide of the image matched as closely to the disc diameter.

For each diameter, I cropped 8 drawings which I then attached to the 2 mm thick acrylic discs that I ordered from Hazaiya which arrived before I came up for the second residency.  Rather than sandwiching the drawings and thereby doubling the cost, I simply attached the drawings to one side of the disc with masking tape.  I put the 56 discs at random on the intersection points of the cracks on the floor.

Here is a wide view.

This is a closer shot of one of the denser clusters of nodes.

The 56 discs seem to cover about a quarter of the gallery space.  I did a small test of sandwiching one drawing between two discs to show Kobayashi-san what my intention was and it turns out that the effect is much more elegant that simply affixing the drawing to the top of a circular base.

One of the other observations I had as I started at the drawings on the floor was a bit of concern about how well the drawings stand out from the grey concrete floor.  I also began to see my approach to cropping the drawings in a circle bring me to the idea of microscopy more and more frequently.  I began to think about whether white tape or black tape would be more effective as the border of the acrylic discs.

As I meandered the gallery space looking at the Drawing Cells on the floor, I began to wonder whether installing the drawings on the floor was too simple, or rather too lazy.  If I am going to put down over 400 Drawings Cells, the gallery floor may be quite challenging to manuever without having someone step on one or more of the drawings.

One possible solution is the raise the Drawing Cells off the floor by mounting them to an acrylic pipe so that they are more visible would also give my another variable (pipe height) to organize the drawings.  The downside is, of course, additional cost of materials.  Anyways, I finish off Friday evening in the gallery by cutting down all 320 drawings that I printed at A7 size into circles.  This was a task I had hoped to do between my first and second residency, but that did not happen until last night.  As it turns out about 80 – 100 drawings were printed so that the image was more like A8 size, so I need to re-print those and cut those out before my third visit to Nakanojo.

So what I have done so far today.  Well, on the way back to the residence last night, I stopped off for groceries and a visit to DAISO.  I picked up some Blue Tack and double sided tape with the intention of putting the A7 size cut circle drawings on the gallery wall.  To my surprise, the Blue Tack worked fantastic.  I started out with the intention of just getting an idea of some of the relationships, but before I knew it, I was on a roll and ended up putting them all up on the gallery wall.

Here are some images of what the wall looked like.

As I put them on the wall, I tried to make connections between drawings based on color, composition, types of mark making, drawing utensils, etc.  I would on occasion move the drawings around to make better relationships between drawings.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well the clusters worked as a whole despite starting the whole process without a plan.

June 4th

A few thoughts from last night.

I began thinking about putting the actual drawings that I make while up in Nakanojo/Sawatari along the walls of the gallery.  The issue is cost a.k.a. frames.  Perhaps A5 frames from the 100 yen shop painted white could do the trick?

Another thought occurred when Yamashige-san stopped by the gallery and was looking at the Drawing Cells on the floor of the gallery and wondered if there were pens that thin.  I replied that these were not the actual drawings, but that they were scanned and reduced down to size.  I was thinking last night as I was making a handful of drawings.

What if I started making Daily Drawings on circles cut to the diameter of the acrylic discs?  Actual size drawings.  Of course, my desire to remain consistent once I decide upon a project makes this a challenging change in course.  Do I start making the Daily Drawings on circles while in Tokyo?  Do they become a separate project from the A5 Daily Drawings?  Or maybe it is just the natural evolution of the Daily Drawings project as I begin to take a more analytical about the relationships of my drawings.  One other option would be to create templates for the different diameters and use them to frame an A5 piece of paper so the drawings are still on A5 but the drawings are made in the reduced area.

Templates for 10, 9, and 8 cm made with one circle to draw on for each diamter.

The rest of the afternoon was spent making drawings and making a list of things to do while back in Tokyo and things to bring next time.

The second residency ended with nineteen drawings made in a wide variety of styles and a very productive three days.

I leave this photograph below as one of the last things I did this past weekend in the space.  It hints at some additional work that needs to be tackled.

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