Day 1 of my third stay in Nakanojo

Last night, I gave a presentation at the Tokyo Humanities Cafe and it went well, although it went later than I had anticipated, so I got home tired, but had not made any preparations for the visit to Nakanojo.  I finished around 1:30 am and woke up in time to get out the door and head up to Nakanojo.  

The first thing that came to mind was that the cropped drawings that I blu-tacked to the wall did not come down.  Not a single one of them.  I was pleasant surprised and it offered me another data point when it comes to installing work in the space.

I unpacked and set off to play with the acrylic pipes which I had bought and cut from Hazaiya.  The things that I wanted to figure out were the optimal diameter of the pipes.  I ordered 2 cm diameter pipes.   Also wanted to see about the thickness of the acrylic pipes.  I think I got 1.5 mm thick pipes, I need to confirm that tomorrow.  The length of the pipes was also something that I needed to see in person.  How far off the floor should the drawings cells be.  I believe that I ordered 10, 15 and 25 cm length pipes.  After spending the day with them sitting on the floor, I think that those heights are within the idea of what I was thinking.  I do not want the drawing cells to be at eye level, but I do like that they are raised so you have to just lean over and look down at them.

To temporarily install them in the space, I blu-tacked the pipe to the acrylic disc and at 2 cm diameter the discs were able to stand balanced as is.  The reality is probably that I either need a wider pipe or to mount the bottom of the pipe to another disc to give it stability.  

What I need to consider next is the what the variable is that I am going to use for the height of the acrylic pipe.  Using the days of the week would give the most vertical variability to the installation.  Then the question begs, what do I use the diameter of the discs for? 

Speaking of diameters, I was also trying to figure out what the optimal diameter would be.  Given that the diameters available from Hazaiya are 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, AND THEN 13, I would have to limit myself to up to 11 cm if I wanted sequential 1 cm increments.  The maximum would be 15 cm since I do not want to exceed the actual size of the drawings.

10 cm feels pretty good.  I could also see 11 cm.  On the smaller end, I could see going to either 7 -8 cm diameter without giving up too much in resolution.

The other thing to remember is the 2nd part of the installation which was conceived in the intervening past two weeks is to install the actual drawings made in Nakanojo on the walls where the mock up of the Drawings Cell circuit is up.  

I am jumping a bit ahead as I then spend the bulk of the afternoon cutting out all my 2017 Daily Drawings into 6 cm circles to remap my clusters.  I decided that including the 2016 Daily Drawings would be work overload.  At this point, we would be talking 400 drawings and you multiply that by the cost of the acrylic discs, well, the numbers get big.  300 is going to be expensive already.  

I circle cropped all 215 drawings before taking a break.  The next thing was to see if I could get away with a 2 mm thickness for the sandwiched drawings between acrylic discs.  The issue would be how much more work and loss of eyesight would it be to make 2 mm wide strips of take.  The other question is whether to use white or black tape to seal the drawing cell.    I took the raised drawing cells and divided the test group between black and white tape as well as 2 mm thick and 4 mm thick sandwiches.

The amount of work for 2 mm wide and 4 mm wide tape is not significant, but the question comes to mind about how much do I want the outline of the drawing cells to stand out. As is, the acrylic pipes are almost invisible at some angles so that the cells appear to float.  Is it better to have the dark outline or the white outline? This is not a question that I can answer right away, but the samples are in the gallery and I have three more days to think about it.

The other nice thing about the varied heights of pipes is that the drawing cells can overlap in the vertical plane which may allow for more tightly clustered focal points.

Okay, I am tired.  It is 11 pm, and I have been much more productive tonight than on the other previous evenings at the residency.  I hope to sleep soundly.  Good night.

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