Day 2 of my third stay in Nakanojo


I woke up really tired this morning.

Tangential thought…Can I use a ring of the white tack to secure the acrylic pipe to the floor?  It will probably leave an outline along the floor from afar – which might not be a bad thing.  I would be trading time for money should I go with that set up.  Possible white tack on the top and bottom so I could re-use the pipes and sell the individual Drawing Cells.

I picked up three different frames at DAISO last night.  The white one has a think plastic film instead of glass.  The same for the dark brown.  The semi-natural frame is thicker and the window is glass.  I am leaning towards the white.

DAISO Shopping List

Fishing Line for…

I was so groggy this morning that I ended up napping for 45 minutes before I was picked up to go to the gallery.

The first thing I set out to do was taken down all the clusters on one of the walls and set about to cluster only the 2017 Daily Drawings (215 of them as of Thursday night).  The clusters I created were tighter and more compact, but it will probably be better since I’ll be able to access the relationships more easily.

I need to see how much space 300 Drawing Cells would take up.

Assuming they are all 9 cm diameter discs, they would occupy 19200 sq. cm.
Assuming they are all 10 cm diameter discs, they would occupy 23700 sq. cm.
Assuming they are all 11 cm diameter discs, they would occupy 28500 sq. cm.

The total area of the floor in Sawatari Gallery is about 449000 sq. cm. which means that the discs would occupy on average 5% of the area which is much less than I expected. But then again, I just realized I initially miscalculated by an order of 10.

So with that done I made a few drawings but I also have been playing around with the maximum optimal height for the acrylic pipes. I was looking at them and 25 cm is probably tall enough. 30 cm might be workable, but then the costs go up.

The heights go from left to right, 10, 15, 20, 25 cm.

So trying to figure out how to correlate the heights of the acrylic pipes to the days of the week the Daily Drawings were made.

After playing around with a number of different figures in my sketchbook (not wanting to bore you here), I came up with these numbers

For Tokyo.
0, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 cm

The day of the week with the most drawings gets the tallest height.

For Nakanojo.
10, 15, 20, 25 cm

The day of the week with the most drawings again gets the tallest height.  Only four heights since I am here almost exclusively from Friday to Monday.  Any exceptions to the rule will be 5 cm.

I like that there is a slight variability in the heights of the pipes and even one instance of overlap (20 cm).  As for the diameters of the acrylic discs, January – March will be 9 cm, April – June will be 10 cm, and July through September will be 11 cm.

That’s it for Day 2.

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