Day 4 of my 3rd stay in Nakanojo


Right, I did some writing yesterday so I’m all caught up.  I ended up at Tachibana again last night for several hours of food and conversations (although mostly listening so I could eat).

Sitting in Yoshinoya for lunch today, I tightened up my studio work plans for the installation.  My next residency in Nakanojo will be the last set of drawings to include in the Drawing Cells installation.  It will give me a nice and even six month timeline.

I am at 234 right now.  So add 10 more drawings while in Tokyo, and then another 20 more from my next residency and I will have about 265 drawings for the installation.

Not doing too much today except tidying up the gallery space and setting up the gallery so that people who might be interested in what is going on in the gallery space and get a sneak preview of what is going to happen.

I put up about 12 A5 printouts of my drawings on the front windows.  These were leftover printouts which I had made to use as test images.  Along with that, I laid out a small cluster of mock-up drawing cells on another front window to suggest the idea of clusters, networks, circuitry.  And finally, I put the small set of mounted drawing cells on acrylic pipes just inside the front windows so people could easily see them.

I also sat in front of the 2017 Daily Drawings that I had clustered together and on first glance I see about ten different groups.  I will need to print out the detail photographs and then start labelling the drawings so that laying out the installation will go a bit quicker.

I also decided with a six month timeline, I am assigning 9 cm diameter discs to January and February drawings, 10 cm diameter discs to March and April, and 11 cm diameter discs to May and June.

That is about all my brain can handle after these last few days.  Back to Tokyo to make a large, large order of acrylic discs.

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