A slow transition to a new website and blog

For more than ten years, I have been using Yahoo as the host of my website.  During those years, it has been adequate.  I have never truly been satisfied with the available tools provided by Yahoo.  I have spent the last four or five years designing my website offline and then uploading it onto my website address.  The process has gotten tedious as the number of images I am uploading has grown to over 400 megabytes.  In addition, I have not been able to figure out a simple way of just uploading the edits rather than the entire website which takes over an hour each time.

With that I started to play around over at Squarespace and see how website building would be over there.  Within a day into my trial period, I had built out the basic framework for my website and the design template was much cleaner and flexible that what I had been building offline.  In addition, since the website building takes place online there is no need for me to constantly upload files and images.  The Squarespace website also is a nice step up since I can host a blog directly on my website.

One of the things that has held me back from changing my website host has been keeping my domain name for the sake of continuity.  In addition, my website e-mail address as well as this WordPress blog are tied to Yahoo.  I think that at some level, I have been thinking about making this change over the last year or so.  There was a point where my website e-mail address archive was lost for several weeks and it did not seem like it would be recovered.  Luckily, it was recovered, but at that point, I started transitioning all my correspondences to my lifeasaconsumer@gmail account.

I thought about doing a direct domain transfer to Squarespace for my website address, but I am always wary of such transitions and not sure what would happen to my WordPress blog and website e-mail archive.  In the end, I decided to do a slow, but steady transition over to SquareSpace.

First order of business was a website address.  I chose www.arthurjhuang.work.

The website is up and running and has all the content that is on my current website except for the archive of Daily Drawings which I am planning to update by the end of this month.  If you are curious, please take a look.

I know I have some dedicated followers here, and I am not going to go cold turkey on you.  I am going to keep my WordPress blog going for the next several months, but it will basically duplicate content that will be posted on my blog at http://www.arthurjhuang.work

I do encourage you to start checking out my new website/blog.  You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter as @lifeasaconsumer

I have archived this blog and plan to repost relevant content from here should it apply to my current studio practice.

Don’t worry.  This blog, its archives, and my website http://www.arthurjhuang.com will be online and accessible through June 2018.

I wanted to give you all an early heads up so you can keep up with new ideas and content at my new address.