My new home! –

Hello loyal followers and fans.  I see that it has almost been two months since you have seen anything from you.  My apologies.

As it turns out, my website and blog migration have gone smoother and quicker than I expected.  I also realised that doubling up on posting efforts was not the best use of time.

If you have enjoyed reading the Musings of the Conceptual Archivist blog posts over the last, how many, years, I hope you will follow me over to its new home at

Bookmark this link.  You can also access my new website from this link.  All in one!

This blog and my old website should be up and running through the end of June, but after that, it will be work, work, work 🙂  My old website has been updated so that all the links should re-direct to my new website as well as a banner on the splash page.

Thank you again for all your reads and comments and look forward to seeing you at .work soon!