NaBloMoPo Day 17 – Neuroscience Research Piquing My Curiosity

I have been following the tweets with the #Sfn14 tag for the last three days.  The conference is about halfway over, so just a few more nights of late night Twitter scrolling.  This is what I have bookmarked or read over the last few days.

Shelly Fan’s recap of “The Neuroscience of Gaming” session.

Sarah Hillenbrand’s recap of Day 2 at SfN 2014.

Shelly Fan’s summary of the latest research into infantile amnesia (or why we cannot remember anything before the age of three).

Interview with Michele Banks, one of the artists in the Art of Neuroscience exhibition in conjunction with SfN 2014.

A summary of the opening presentation by Top Chef Bryan Voltaggio by nerdoscientist on Food and Memory.

As I am now caught up with NaBloPoMo, I leave you with an amazing microetching of the hippocampus by Greg Dunn and Brian Edwards which is on exhibition at the Art of Neuroscience.



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